Mystery Chat


Mystery chats are chats in which a trained tester (mystery shopper) initiates a communication via the chat channel set up by the company in which a typical business transaction is depicted. The quality of the communication is checked according to predefined criteria.

With mystery chatting, information is collected that serves the quality development of this particular contact channel.

The mystery chats focus on topics such as:

  • Accessibility
  • Speed of response
  • Responding to customer wishes
  • Tonality
  • Professional competence
  • Closure orientation

Mystery chats are used to optimize customer satisfaction, customer-oriented behavior, customer service, and service quality in the chat communication channel.

Synonymously used terms are mystery chatting, test chats, and test chatting. Similar instruments are the mystery call (test call) and the mystery e-mail (test inquiry via mail or contact form).

Typical test elements are the:

  • Accessibility
  • Greeting
  • Introduction by name
  • Professional competence
  • Commitment
  • Service orientation
  • Active approach
  • Sales orientation

Mystery Chats are used in companies with strong online activities in consulting-intensive areas and industries such as pharmacy, bank, hardware store, computer trade, consumer electronics, DIY, specialized trade, FDL, retail, hotel industry, furniture trade, fashion, mobile phone, motorcycle accessories, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, tourism, and publishing.

Mystery Chats are used to test and develop own internal and/or externally contracted employees. The spectrum of inquiries ranges from simple information requests to complete order processing with needs analysis, consulting, purchase, delivery, and return.

Test chats are often combined with the testing of other contact channels (letter, fax, telephone).

concertare carries out many mystery chat projects every year. The employees are selected according to the respective requirements of the target group and are always trained specifically for the project.


To optimize their reachability, more and more companies are turning to chats. Since chatbots often still seem impersonal and technical communication with chatbots is also only possible to a limited extent, most companies still rely on classic communication in the form of a written interactive chat. However, the demands associated with this form of customer service are high and should not be underestimated - especially with regard to successful customer retention.

If you want to check whether existing guidelines are being adhered to and how the quality of customer communication is perceived in comparison to other market participants, you should make use of our expertise in the field of mystery chat. For more than 20 years, we have been one of the best-known service providers in Germany to offer the Mystery Chat instrument for measuring and developing employees in customer contact.

It is also possible to test video chats. Many companies communicate via video chat, for example, to check phone card applications or for banking transactions. This includes opening checking accounts, securities accounts, and applying for credit cards. It is possible to switch from text chat to video chat and vice versa.

concertare is able to measure all digital processes and touchpoints of a customer journey and systematically develop them with focus on improving quality.


Mystery chats can be used to sustainably improve both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Usually, the customer experience is tested in particular for the following quality criteria:

  • Accessibility
  • Speed of the response process
  • Type of conversation and how the respective consultant expresses himself/herself
  • Competence

Any number of other aspects can be tested in a mystery chat. With the help of direct feedback, identified weaknesses of an employee in customer service can be improved very quickly, and the employees concerned can be made aware of critical points. The result: the customer feels more comfortable, better advised, and optimally looked after. If the employee is at the point of sale, sales can also be increased. As with classic mystery shopping, the employee in question is, of course, unaware that he or she is in a test situation during the mystery chat. The test situation only becomes apparent to the employee if direct feedback has been agreed upon.


Nowadays, many companies decide to have their customers looked after by external service providers. Since these usually first have to get to know the respective corporate philosophy, it makes sense to check the behavior in direct customer contact at regular intervals. Therefore, mystery chats can, of course, also be carried out in connection with external service providers. The procedure is largely identical. We adapt our respective test criteria to agreed standards and document the respective results. This makes it easy to find out whether the respective service provider or the employees concerned meet your high standards.


Many customers prefer to get in touch with customer service representatives on a chat basis. After all, this is an uncomplicated way of asking questions about individual products and services and at the same time not having to interrupt one's working day.

With the instrument of mystery chats, you can quickly find out whether your specifications with regard to fast response times and competent advice are actually being implemented. It also shows whether the available potential is being fully utilized.

Thus you benefit, among other things, from:

  • the possibility of ensuring your requirements with regard to optimal customer orientation
  • a uniform and competent customer service based on high standards
  • an uncomplicated, yet effective control procedure that does not affect your work processes

Mystery Chats also allow you to track the success of training and other personnel development measures to further sensitize your employees with regard to important topics such as service orientation and sales orientation.

As one of the largest owner-managed agencies for mystery chat and mystery shopping, we employ numerous consultants, experts, market researchers, and trainers who specialize in the mystery chat instrument.

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