Mystery Consulting


Mystery Consulting involves the objective evaluation of consulting-related business transactions from the customer's point of view, in which the tester (mystery shopper) physically goes through such a consulting situation on site and/or purchases a product or service.

In mystery consulting, information is collected that serves the development of employees.

The focus of the development is predominantly the optimization of:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service orientation
  • Service quality
  • Consulting quality
  • Compliance with specifications
  • Professional competence
  • Sales orientation
  • Closing behavior
  • etc.

The terms test consulting, mystery shopping, test purchase, test-based procedure, or mystery visit are often used synonymously. Most frequently, test consulting (mystery consulting) is subsumed under the term mystery shopping.

In a narrower sense, mystery consulting is classic test consulting, where the focus is on the consulting performance of the employees and less on the purchase or conclusion of a service.

Typical test elements are:

  • Initial contact
  • Interview atmosphere
  • Needs analysis
  • Consulting competence
  • Product presentation
  • Behavior consultant
  • Product demonstration
  • Closing orientation
  • Overall impression
  • Follow-up

Test consultations are used in all industries in which customer consultation takes place. These are, for example, pharmacy, car trade, bank, building markets, computer, consumer electronics, service, DIY, retail, energy, specialized trade, financial services, fitness, hairdressers, trade, hotel business, industry, cosmetics, health insurance, food retail, furniture trade, motorcycle trade, perfumery, telecommunications, tourism, insurance.


In connection with many products, quality, customer-friendly advice often comes before the final purchase decision. But to what extent do the employees in your company actually observe the stipulated requirements? Could sales not perhaps even be increased through optimization measures in the consulting service? Mystery consulting has become an important part of mystery shopping. The focus here is on direct consulting contact with the customer.

With the help of the appropriate procedure, our mystery shoppers find out for you how your employees react to customer questions and situations on site.


A positive relationship between customer and consultant, together with dedicated and expert advice, often forms the crucial basis for selling a product or service. It is therefore important that your employees are both friendly and competent and that they meet the high expectations of your customers. In order for you to quickly identify any need for optimization here, it is worthwhile to rely on the benefits of mystery consulting.

Our mystery shoppers examine both simple and complex scenarios in the course of various test situations, if necessary also in the context of multi-level consulting appointments or a comprehensive product presentation. The experiences made during this customer journey are carefully documented and processed in structured survey forms analogous to the customer contact points that are passed through.

An ideal mix of friendliness, competence, and service

Above all, excellent customer service gives you as a brand and a company the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Since many customers are not yet sure before entering a store whether they will ultimately decide to make a purchase, it is important to "pick them up" exactly at this point and guide them in a pleasant manner. Through our comprehensive test criteria, our mystery consulting helps you to find out in which areas the strengths and weaknesses of your employees lie in order to ensure an ideal mix of friendliness, competence, and service for an excellent customer experience with a high probability of repurchase and recommendation.

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