Mystery Event


Mystery Event comprises the objective evaluation of business transactions from the customer's point of view at temporary events such as trade fairs, congresses, or similar events. In the process, the tester (mystery shopper) physically goes through an event-typical customer situation on site.

In the mystery event, information is collected that serves to optimize employee behavior on site.

The focus is mainly on topics such as:

  • Approach
  • Contact quality
  • Service orientation
  • Quality of advice
  • Compliance with specifications
  • Sales orientation
  • Closing behavior
  • etc.

Synonymously used terms are event test, event check, trade fair check, trade fair test, and event test. Mystery shopping and mystery consulting are closely related and are often used synonymously.

Typical test elements in the mystery event are:

  • Initial contact
  • Interview atmosphere
  • Needs analysis
  • Consulting competence
  • Product presentation
  • Behavior of trade fair personnel
  • Forwarding
  • Product demonstration
  • Closing orientation
  • Overall impression
  • Follow-up

The Mystery Event instrument is used in industries that offer their products and services at trade fairs or hold events: Plant engineering, automotive, construction, boats, caravaning, computers, consumer electronics, service, DIY, specialized trade, leisure industry, gaming, luxury food, trade, hotel industry, food industry, mechanical engineering, furniture, motorcycle trade, perfumery, telecommunications, theme parks, tourism, organizers.

For companies at trade fairs in particular, it is a good idea to combine the Mystery Event Test with direct feedback in order to be able to change identified weak points immediately on the same day and thus benefit in the further course of the trade fair.

With feedback, individual employees or teams receive feedback on the results directly after the test from a specially trained tester. This tester communicates the criteria that were met as well as the criteria that were not met in a factual form, so that this feedback represents very valuable control information for the employees at the trade fair on how they can implement identified potential for improvement very quickly.

concertare provides testers for any event, also with a suitable technical background, who use defined scenarios to check the implementation of the expected standards. Feedback is given either directly by the tester or indirectly in writing on the same day, so that corrective action can still be taken during the trade fair.

We will be happy to advise you on this.