Mystery Franchise


Mystery franchise includes tests for an objective evaluation of business transactions from the franchisor's and customer's point of view in the field of franchising, where the tester (mystery shopper) physically tests on site and usually purchases a product or service.

In mystery franchising, information is mainly collected that is used for partner development.

Development activities focus on topics such as:

  • Compliance
  • Customer service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer orientation
  • Service quality
  • Sales orientation

Synonymously used terms are mystery shopping and franchise test. Mystery Franchise is subsumed in the linguistic usage under Mystery Shopping or Mystery Research.

Typical test elements are all industry-specific, relevant criteria of a customer contact and especially the specifications of the franchisor.

Franchise tests are used in all industries that work with the franchise as an instrument.

Since the aim of mystery franchise projects is usually not only to check but also to improve, feedback tests can be helpful in many cases for the fastest possible optimization. Immediately after the test, the tested franchisee or his employee receives feedback on the results from a specially trained tester. The tester addresses both fulfilled and unfulfilled criteria in a factual form. Thus this feedback represents a very good control possibility for the partners to improve themselves directly.

The advantages are, in particular, a higher level of attention and perception on the part of the tested partner, a high level of acceptance, and the willingness to implement improvements directly.

concertare carries out both short mystery shopping tests with a focus on the areas perceived by customers, as well as very extensive tests or audits, which can cover all expected or contractually agreed quality standards in a franchise operation. This can also include test criteria that are not usually tested in normal mystery shopping, such as hygiene standards or process standards that cannot be perceived by a normal customer.


Franchise concepts thrive on ensuring that a predefined customer journey runs as smoothly as possible according to tried-and-tested standards at all customer contact points. To ensure that your franchise's carefully crafted concept can actually work, it is important to meticulously follow the specifications. This is the only way to ensure that the philosophy of a brand or product can also be passed on to the customer in a consistent manner. The areas in which testing is carried out with regard to mystery franchises are many and varied. In summary, however, it is about evaluating the customer experience from the franchisor's and customer's perspectives. The design of a mystery franchise test program is discussed in detail with the customer beforehand. In most cases, a specific subject area is always tested in one wave.


The aim of a functioning franchise system is to ensure that a uniform brand image can be conveyed. Among other things, the focus here is on compliance with specific specifications, customer satisfaction, and sales orientation.

Based on their many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise, our trained mystery shoppers inspect the businesses according to your individual specifications. Regardless of your company's industry, we thus ensure that you are quickly informed of any need for optimization. Of particular interest here is the link between franchise specifications, customer contact and the possibility of increasing sales both in the short term and in the long term.

Mystery Franchise and the psychological factor

In the course of their respective tests, our mystery shoppers switch to the classic customer side and document for their clients the experiences that others also have when coming into contact with the employees of the respective company. The psychological effect in connection with franchise tests should not be underestimated. Employees who know that any customer can be a test customer are more likely to behave correctly. Companies that present a uniform image in their stores and thus ensure that the customer feels comfortable from the very first second generate a perfect customer experience and use an important opportunity to stand out from the rest of the competition and maintain their position in the market.

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