Mystery Store Check


Mystery store checks in the narrower sense are undercover surveys in which a tester (mystery checker) physically evaluates defined facts on site.

Mystery checks are used in particular to collect information aimed at checking compliance with standards.

These are in particular specifications such as:

  • Compliance with certain standards for product presentation
  • Availability of goods
  • Cleanliness
  • Order
  • Hygiene
  • etc.

Synonymously used terms are store check, service check, mystery checking, mystery visit, mystery check, store check, and mystery shopping. Store checks are often equated with mystery shopping. Mystery store checks can be distinguished by the fact that a physical visit is made on site, which usually does not involve any interaction with the staff.

Typical test elements are, for example:

  • Signage
  • External impression
  • Cleanliness
  • Tidiness
  • Parking space availability
  • Type of product presentation
  • Extent of inventory and hygiene standards

Mystery Store Checks take place in a variety of different areas, especially in the following industries: Pharmacy, car trade, bank, DIY stores, consumer electronics, service, DIY, fitness, gastronomy, trade, hotel industry, cosmetics, food retail, fashion, furniture trade, motorcycle trade, non-food perfumery, travel agency, telecommunications.


During a mystery store check, our mystery shoppers, who are trained in mystery shopping, are primarily concerned with the situation they find in a store. As a rule, there is no or very little interaction with the staff during the Store Check. The primary objective here is to check whether defined standards are being met. These standards can relate to a wide variety of areas. On the basis of your individual specifications, we document the current status for you and identify the areas in which optimization is required.

There are predefined standards for every store - regardless of the respective industry. These are usually set by the central management and relate in particular to issues such as cleanliness, product presentation, parking situation, availability of goods, and compliance with hygiene regulations. In order to find out whether these standards are also continuously adhered to, regular inspections are necessary.

Our mystery shoppers have a trained eye and the competence to neutrally check the implementation of existing specifications down to the last detail. Of course, we can always adapt the design of the tests during the course of the project to any changes in requirements. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of all tests with a graphical display of all results, comments by the testers, and supporting photos.


Mystery store checks help to improve the shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction in the long term. It also results in higher sales, as customers do not buy or buy less in areas that are not tidy or unclean.

Store checks are a tool that can be used very quickly, comprehensively, and for any area and situation.

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