Mystery Thieves / Test Thefts


Test thefts are authorized tests in which trained and specially vetted employees (test thieves) systematically attempt to steal goods from named businesses. They act like typical thieves and recreate known theft scenarios.

Test thefts are a proven method for permanently reducing inventory discrepancies. Raising awareness of the values that can be stolen by skilled thieves within a short period of time leads to a significant improvement in staff awareness and many valuable theft prevention measures.

Typical test elements are:

  • Theft prevention measures
  • Attention of store personnel (e.g., at the checkout counter)
  • Unsecured areas or products

Test thefts are used in a variety of industries where inventory discrepancies occur: Pharmacy, hardware stores, consumer electronics, DIY, retail, cosmetics, food retail, optical, perfumery, jewelry, telecommunications.


Many thefts can be avoided with a combination of competence, attention and awareness of this topical issue. But how easy is it actually to steal goods from your company? Test thieves are used to find out. Test thieves are particularly carefully selected employees with excellent reputations and a clean police record.

The specially trained employees check how easily goods can be stolen from your company. In this way, we find out how well goods are protected against the corresponding attacks and show you how you can further improve your theft protection. In doing so, we focus on the conditions on site and evaluate each sales area according to its specific characteristics. This makes it possible to determine comparatively quickly whether the existing anti-theft measures are sufficient to effectively counteract relevant criminal attacks. With targeted measures in place, inventory discrepancies can be minimized in the long term.


The aim of a test theft is to find out how easy it is to steal goods. In addition to the attention of the employees, however, the focus is also on the overall situation in each case. In addition to questions such as "Are important areas adequately secured?" or "What measures are taken to prevent theft?", the investigation also takes into account areas that are inadequately secured. In a test theft project, all these aspects are taken into account with a view to preventing theft as effectively as possible. Regardless of whether you have just moved into new business premises or would like to know whether you are adequately secured against theft in the premises you are already using: we are your contact when it comes to protecting your property and raising awareness among your employees.


The biggest impact on theft prevention is offered by the possibility of sensitizing your staff in the store on site. In principle, sensitization is also possible with the help of workshops, seminars, and the like. With the test thefts, you have a much more vivid method at your disposal, as it is carried out in the classic everyday sales environment and accordingly shows in real terms where there is a possible need for optimization. If our test thieves are prevented by your employees from successfully carrying out a theft, this shows the attention and the possibilities of the employees. Undiscovered thefts are uncovered afterward to make employees aware of the values of goods that can be stolen under their eyes.

When commissioning test thefts, you benefit from, among other things:

  • absolute discretion
  • the use of employees who have been specially tested for reliability and good repute
  • the trained eye of our employees, who pay attention not only to the overall situation, but also to all important details
  • comprehensive documentation, which can form the basis for further training and optimization activities on site.

Based on our test results, you have an individual picture of the current state of your business premises and clearly identifiable opportunities for improvement to give thieves fewer or no more chances of successful thefts in the future.


Any industry that sells products in a retail space can benefit from the results of test thefts. Experience shows that real thieves also travel across industries. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to look into the versatile possibilities offered by test thefts. Tailored to the respective circumstances on site, we adapt our approach individually to our customers.

Would you like to find out how attentive your staff is with regard to possible thefts? Are you interested in whether there are "dead corners" in your stores that are not caught by the surveillance camera? We meticulously check every sales area for security gaps and then show you which areas are inadequately secured.

We look forward to helping you reduce your inventory discrepancies sustainably in a tried-and-tested way, even without investing in technology.

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