Correspondence analysis (also called mystery writing) includes all instruments in which a trained tester (mystery shopper) sends a written request with a given customer-typical scenario, and the response is evaluated according to objective criteria.

Mystery writing is used to evaluate information that serves to develop quality in written customer contact.

The focus of these development measures is predominantly on the topics:

  • Speed of response
  • Responsiveness to inquiry
  • Tonality
  • Professional competence
  • Consultation quality
  • Closing behavior

The tests aim to improve customer satisfaction, customer orientation, customer service, and service quality.

Synonymously used terms are test email, test mail, mystery email, mystery fax, test fax, test letter, mystery writing, and correspondence analysis.

Typical test elements are:

  • Speed of response
  • Address
  • Personalization
  • Responding to customer requests
  • Naming
  • Professional competence
  • Content quality
  • Closing orientation
  • Formal standards

Mystery Writing is used in a wide variety of industries, for example, pharmacy, car trade, bank, computer trade, consumer electronics, DIY, retail, specialized trade, hotel industry, industry, pharmaceuticals, service centers, telecommunications, tourism, publishing.

Mystery writing procedures are used to check and develop internal and external customer centers, or service centers, or responsible teams. The portfolio of scenarios ranges from information requests to complete order processing, including needs analysis, consulting, closing, delivery, and return.

As an alternative to a mystery mission, written communication can also very well be analyzed and checked by means of a downstream analysis of recorded correspondence. For this purpose, concertare uses the same quality inspection procedures as in mystery shopping.

Each year, concertare carries out over 100,000 such measurements in the area of written communication. Behind every inquiry is an address that can be reached for replies. Inquiry texts are efficiently individualized using special procedures so that only authentic tests indistinguishable from real inquiries are generated.

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