Data Protection Control


Data privacy control includes measures that serve to protect against improper data processing in the company's own operations or those of commissioned partner companies.

Non-compliance with applicable data protection regulations or even the misuse of customer addresses can have a high impact on public perception and thus all customer relationships. Especially when external service providers work with provided customer data, it is advisable to regularly check whether the agreed standards are being adhered to.

For such checks, concertare provides test addresses and customer data created as part of a special panel, which are not recognizable as test customers.

Synonymously used terms are control with test data or test addresses.

A data protection control is primarily suitable for constellations in which organizational units or external service providers work with provided addresses of interested parties or customers. The announcement of such measures alone leads to increased attention with regard to compliance with agreed standards. Furthermore, regular implementation of data control measures reveals possible misuse.

Typical industries and areas in which this instrument is used are call centers, service centers, hotlines, promotions, complaint handling, and advertising agencies.

From its panel of over 1 million profiles worldwide, concertare can provide authentic test addresses for any purpose that cannot be identified from the outside, as well as the logistics required to carry them out.

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