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In order to be able to analyze and optimally shape customer relationships, you need a versatile team with a mixture of market researchers, practitioners, sales specialists, economists, psychologists, and IT specialists. On the other hand, you need specific industry knowledge and the local knowledge of culturally different markets and the resulting strategies for dealing with customers.

At concertare, we have both: an international team that is broadly positioned in terms of education and experience, and many years of experience in all of the world's important markets. This has made us a strong partner for our customers in projects related to customer relationship management and customer experience for over twenty years. This also includes all downstream topics such as optimizing customer satisfaction, increasing repurchase rates, increasing recommendation rates, and improving sales orientation. A large part of our operational work is the implementation of market research projects, especially with mystery research and mostly with the aim of systematically optimizing customer orientation, quality in customer contact, and customer satisfaction.

Over the years we have built up a reliable and highly qualified network, which supports us nationally and internationally in the projects, especially in the implementation of operational measures in the area of training and coaching.

Our philosophy: to harmonize customer needs and service quality and to make customers happy.

concertare stands for harmonizing customer expectations and corporate activities

In our projects, we first use surveys and mystery shopping to create a resilient basis for understanding what our clients' customers' needs are at different stages of the buying process. We find the appropriate approach to measure customer requirements and customer satisfaction. The choice of instruments, be it mystery shopping, customer surveys, focus group discussions or others, is always individually tailored to the project-specific objectives.

In our consulting projects, we support the design of all customer contact points. In doing so, we place the highest value on individual and personal support and, together with the customer, develop solution approaches for consistently higher customer orientation and improved service quality.

In the implementation of coaching measures, we rely wherever possible on the principle of self-direction, which enables managers or employees to carry out training and education measures independently and cost-effectively. In doing so, we bring profound know-how from many projects on how development measures should be communicated in a meaningful and motivating way within the company.

International Projects: Mystery Research in Europe and worldwide

concertare has been working as a lead agency for international clients and renowned brands in over 80 countries for many years and on a very long-term basis. Our goal is to establish German quality standards in the planning, execution, and results-oriented implementation of mystery research and market research projects worldwide.

For many years we have built up a strong network of international partners and local quality providers. For our major international clients, we can thus draw on more than one million trained mystery shoppers and experience from countless cross-national and country-specific mystery research projects. Our native-speaking project managers are familiar with country- and industry-specific peculiarities and the peculiarities of customer behavior in the respective market.

Working at concertare

Internationality is also a core characteristic of the concertare team. In some cases, more than twelve different nations work in our team. We are always looking for experienced customer relationship specialists and talented trainees for our training program who have a good eye for national and international mystery research and market research projects. If you, too, would like to make a career with the industry leader, we look forward to receiving your application.

Your career with the market leader for mystery research and customer relationship management

Hello and welcome to our pages for applicants. Thank you for your interest in concertare.

Below we have compiled information of interest to you as an applicant. The information is based on the questions that applicants are usually most interested in and which cannot be found on the websites primarily intended for customers.

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What does concertare do?

We support companies in identifying optimization opportunities in their customer relationships and translating them into improvement measures. The aim of our work is to make customer relationships in a sustainable and profitable way.

What is the focus of the company's activities?

In terms of processes, we focus on mystery research and surveys.

concertare is Europe's leading provider of mystery research procedures (store checks, test purchases, test calls, test consultations, etc.). In Germany alone, we carry out project-related survey assignments with over 100,000 field staff. In terms of industries, the focus is on the automotive, banking, call center, service, retail, industry, telecommunications, tourism and insurance sectors. Projects are also carried out in many other industries. In terms of customers, we work for half of all DAX companies and predominantly for the top 200 companies in Germany. Our clients include Audi, BMW, Citroën, Coca Cola, Daimler Chrysler, DEVK, Edeka, Fiat, Jaguar, Kia, Opel, Porsche, RTL, Sparkassen, T-Mobile and VW. In terms of regions, the focus of activities is in Germany, but a good portion of sales is generated internationally. To date, we have been active in over 100 countries worldwide.

How does concertare work?

Analytically, we use market research methods, especially mystery research and surveys, to find out what customers expect, how satisfied they are, and how they experience the company.

From a design perspective, we use the evaluated survey data to develop concrete measures together with the customer for optimizing identified weaknesses. This includes classical consulting up to the elaboration of plans ready for implementation. In terms of implementation, we support our customers with training measures, train-the-trainer concepts and tools for self-control in the implementation of measures and continuous employee development.

How is concertare organized?

We work in projects. These can be completed in one cycle, but usually run for many months or years. Each project is handled by a project team and is the responsibility of a project manager. Employees can be members of several project teams - this ensures a lively exchange of information and always new experiences. The hierarchies are flat. Every employee can qualify for responsible and more advanced tasks within a very short time. Those who convince through sustained good performance receive more responsibility within a very short time and can grow with their tasks in every respect.

What does the company's development look like?

concertare was founded in 1998. Since then, we have been growing continuously and above average.

What is the company philosophy?

Our philosophy does not exist printed on glossy paper, but we try to live it every day. The most important contents are: We know that we live by our customers and act accordingly. Our customers expect punctual and accurate order fulfillment, excellent service and comprehensive support for their goals. All our services are associated with a high quality standard, which must be proven every day. To this end, every employee should contribute in the best possible way. We are aware that every employee has different goals and motivations. Therefore, we try to combine the goals of the customers, the employees and the company as far as possible. We work with people: Our interaction is therefore characterized by tolerance and respect while simultaneously demanding and promoting professionalism and quality.

What are the requirements for employees?

The requirements vary depending on the position, but some characteristics distinguish all profiles we are looking for or who work for us: Above-average commitment, taking responsibility for tasks, quick comprehension, ability to learn, flexibility, accuracy, and reliability. From a technical point of view, you can learn everything you need to know to perform your tasks. The decisive factors are the will and ability to learn, to quickly put what you have learned into practice and to take responsibility for your own actions.

How does the training take place?

Induction takes the form of on-the-job training. Experienced colleagues guide new employees. In addition, there are regular special training sessions for specific topics and areas of responsibility.

What are the development opportunities?

We don't have careers that are defined by titles and office size. With us, employees develop in and with the projects. There is only one decisive factor: personal performance.

All employees receive regular feedback on their current status and development prospects. In addition, annual meetings are held in which common goals are set for the next year. Due to the variety of industries, customers and projects, there are always new tasks, requirements and perspectives.

How is compensation paid?

Compensation is largely linked to the areas for which you are responsible and your personal performance. With sustained good performance, you can earn well above average at concertare.

What are the social benefits?

The cafeteria principle applies to all benefits: employees define what they would like and this is implemented as far as possible within the framework of an agreed gross annual compensation.

What do employees say about concertare?

The most important points that are mentioned again and again are: Working in a team is fun:
The colleagues are all nice, you like to come. The tasks are exciting and varied: there are always new things to learn and the opportunity to gain different experiences. A lot of work, but a pleasant way of working - there are always enough tasks that can be worked on independently.

What does Burscheid offer?

Burscheid is not the center of the world, but it offers short distances to Cologne, Düsseldorf or Wuppertal and a lot of quality of life. Everyone who appreciates short distances to work, sports facilities, closeness to nature, always free parking spaces and low rents will be happy with Burscheid. Those looking for well-stocked shopping miles or nightlife will find it about 20 minutes away by car in Cologne. Other cities are also close by. Some driving times: Düsseldorf: 35 min; Wuppertal, Remscheid: 20 min; Bonn: 45 min; Essen: 45 min. Those traveling by public transportation ideally settle in Leverkusen in a conveniently located district such as Opladen or Bergisch Neukirchen. In this way, you can reach concertare as well as the city center of Cologne in 15 min.

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