CONSULTING - Focus on process optimization and employee development

Optimize customer interfaces and service orientation for EXCELLENT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Numerous interfaces and employees in the company are usually affected by the results of an analysis. These must be actively involved in the design of measures for improvement.

In practice, the following points have proven to be important components of the design process:


The focus of our work is sound consulting with regard to your goals. The basis of our consulting is data that we collect in the course of analysis using classic market research instruments such as surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups, or expert interviews.

The goal of the surveys is to create a resilient database that enables customer-centric organizational and employee development.


A motivating communication of results begins with an easy-to-understand and action-focused presentation of the results. concertare advises on an optimal design or, if desired, takes over the presentation of results at all hierarchical levels as well as the direct discussion with employees or managers involved in the study.

This requires many years of profound knowledge about how to motivate people. From many 10,000 employee interviews, we know how service orientation and customer focus can be improved and the quality of customer contact sustainably enhanced. By communicating results in a professional manner, we promote employees' willingness to become actively involved in changes.

involvement of employees in the development of measures

The involvement of employees in the development of measures plays a decisive role in the success of the measures. Together with you and your employees, we develop individual concepts in which the customer's view collected in customer surveys, employee surveys, and mystery research programs is anchored in concrete and individual further development measures. In doing so, we always take into account the specific, organizational framework conditions and show you solutions as to how critical factors can be circumvented or taken into account in the best possible way.


As specialists in strategic customer relationship management, our consulting services are often aimed at optimally designing your customer interfaces and sales processes. To this end, we first define with you the contact points that are relevant for you. Depending on the task at hand, our recommendations for action are then based on the results of a touchpoint analysis, an examination of all or selected areas of the customer journey, or the analysis of defined moments of truth. What they all have in common is that they reflect on the experiences of customers in contact with your company.


In our consulting services, you benefit not only from many hundreds of industry-related projects, but also from our many years of experience in other sectors such as services, trade, and industry. Very often, good solutions for increasing the quality of customer contact can also be used from other industries.

On request, we can provide you with benchmark data from your industry, from which measures to improve your competitive position can be derived.