Frequently asked questions

How does the selection process work?

For each new project we select a number of candidates according to specification from our databank. The parameters are set around particular profile details as well as your previous performance for us. The best way of being selected is by entering all your details and updating your profile at least once a year. If you have already worked for us successfully you will be preferred in the allocation of future work. Annually, we give out circa 100,000 jobs so either way, your chances of being selected are high.

Firstly you will be contacted by us, asking if you are interested in participating in our next project. This will include information about the time-scale, location, particular requirements, what you will have to do and payment details. Only if you are interested in taking the job do you have to contact us.

If you are interested then you log on to your workspace online where all available jobs are shown. This works on a ‘first come, first served’ principle. Your acceptance of the job is tantamount to entering a binding contract with us.

Upon accepting the job you receive all further briefing details for the mystery research.

When, where and how will I be trained?

The briefing can be alone, in person, by telephone or online, according to the project. Telephone training will be conducted as a conference call; this means you will be given a particular calling time, coordinated with others from    your area.

Training in person will be conducted in your local town or city, and is usually paid.

How is the job itself carried out?
  • All instructions are contained in your job-specific briefing. Some projects include a further online test.

  • You go to the town where the test is to be conducted.

  • You enter the outlet without any forms or documentation and carry out the test, perhaps making some notes on a piece of paper.

  • You enter your final report onto an online form.

How long does a job take?

This varies from project to project. In itself, a test takes 30-90 minutes although the tests can often be incorporated into a normal shopping trip. Interview assignments vary enormously; the expected time will be given in project documentation.

What about payment?

Each job is paid for as a lump sum. The payment takes expenses into account and lies somewhere between 10 and 100 Euro. Normally after deducting all costs for petrol, parking etc it works out around 15-25 Euro/hour.

Do you need my national insurance details?

No. You carry out the tests as a freelancer and you do not need to declare your tax or anything along those lines with us. If you do choose to declare your details with us then you will receive your tax return separately to your payment.

Will I receive extra payment for travel expenses?

Travel costs are taken into account in the payment sum.

Can I take my spouse/partner for the test?

In the majority of tests you can take someone with you. They are often set up so that more than one person can be there which makes shopping, parking etc more interesting.

Am I permanently employed?

No. You do not have a formal permanent contract with us.

Do I have to declare my earnings?

Yes. Your earnings must be declared to the Inland Revenue so that your tax/ benefit can be appropriately calculated.

What happens with my details?

Your details are saved and protected for use on our internal server. They will not be passed on to any third parties. You are free at any time to remove your details from the system.

Am I bound to accept a job?

No. You do not have to answer job offers or give a reason why you don’t want them. Only when you definitely accept a test, you are bound to complete it.

Do I have to buy things?

Sometimes a purchase is part of the test. For smaller purchases an amount for that purpose (about 5 Euro) is included in the payment and you are allowed to keep that item. In other larger purchases you will be reimbursed in exchange for the item. When dealing with particularly big sums of money payment is usually separately arranged.

How long till I get paid?

All employment is paid within 30 days of completion.

Do I need a car?

No. Many tests or interviews are in city centres and are reachable without car.

Can I work fulltime as a tester/ interviewer?

Yes in principle this is possible however not many people do. Most companies work, as we do, nearly exclusively with freelancers.

Can I work as a tester/ interviewer for other companies?

Yes. However you are not allowed to pass on any information about concertare or you will be liable for damages.

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