Information for interviewing

Why interviewing?

Interview scenarios allow customers to be asked about their expectations and satisfaction according to certain definitions. The results point towards areas for improvement in customer interaction.
Interviews can be conducted in person, on the phone, in writing and electronically.

What does an interviewer do?

An interviewer conducts interviews of a prescribed nature either in person or on the phone. Personal interviews tend to be held in neighbouring town centres (eg. In a shopping centre or high street shop) as opposed to phone interviews which are usually conducted at home. concertare issues training to all its interviewers to ensure that all the same key criteria are covered, including questions and behaviour guidelines for the duration of the interview. To avoid unnecessary variation between interviewers, each of these guidelines must be followed in the test itself. Because of this, the mystery research is regularly monitored by concertare and its clients.

Job description: interviewer


  • adhere strictly to the briefing
  • thorough and accurate testing
  • follow up with concertare if any deviations occur


  • an accurate, complete and legible questionnaire
  • well acquainted with all points of the questionnaire

Confidentiality and discretion

  • regarding the tested members of staff
  • regarding third parties

A fluent and natural manner

  • speaking to client’s employees on the phone and being able to win them over
  • a sincere manner

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